Paco Villavicencio

Featured Employee: Paco Villavicencio

Civil Engineering Designer
Los Angeles Office

I graduated from UC Irvine with a BS in civil engineering right in the midst of the Great Recession. The job market was not great so I joined the LAPD for a brief time. My first love was always civil engineering, so in 2014 I started working at Psomas.

Psomas provides excellent tools to become a great engineer. I joke that I learned more in my first week at Psomas than I learned in two years of interning at my previous company.

I’m on the Land Development Team in our Los Angeles office, working on Downtown LA hi-rise projects. Of everything I do—designing utilities, stormwater treatment systems, and grading plans—what I enjoy the most is working with the city on permit processing. I’m dealing with people and I find that it’s actually similar to being a police officer. You need good communication skills and good people skills to get better insight into a situation and a head start on finding a solution.

I haven’t given up the police force entirely though. I’m still an active reserve officer with the LAPD Central Division in Downtown LA, working anything from parades and concerts to regular patrol.

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