Psomas Invests in Cutting-Edge Mobile Laser Scanning System

Industry Leader in Implementing Survey Technology

mobilelaserscanner-rail-newsContinuing its commitment to invest in the most advanced survey technology, Psomas has purchased the Lynx S1 Mobile Mapper System from Optech. Psomas is the first company in the United States to implement the S1 (survey grade) system.

“Using mobile scanning improves safety and productivity, while providing fast, accurate and cost-effective survey deliverables,” said Lee Whiteley, corporate director of Psomas’ Survey Group. “Now, with our own in-house equipment, we can have full control over mobilization and get on the ground faster.”

Psomas has consistently been an industry leader in implementing the latest in survey technology. The Lynx Mobile Mapper System reflects cutting-edge technology for today’s mobile scanning services. Travelling at 65 miles per hour, the truck-mounted unit collects 1.2 million points per second. This is twice the collection rate of previous units used in the Western United States. In addition, previous units could travel at just 45 miles per hour, causing safety concerns and requiring “chase” vehicles to protect the mobile scanner and the travelling public.

mobilelaserscanner-road-newsMobile scanning provides fast 3D data collection with high accuracy and resolution for mapping of everything from roadways and rail corridors to utility corridors, waterways, and urban areas.

Via mobile scanning, surveyors can collect a vast amount of data in safe conditions. Added benefits include cost savings in data collection, reduced man-hours and expedited project completion. Psomas offers mobile laser scanning services throughout the Western U.S.


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