Mike Ramos


Featured Employee: Mike Ramos

Lead CAD Designer
San Diego Office

I sort of fell into this field after high school, starting out as a gopher in a land development engineering firm. I began doing hand drafting design details for the head drafter and eventually moved into drawing details and more complex construction plans in AutoCAD.

I’ve been in my field for 27 years. I work on everything from pump stations and reservoirs to water and sewer pipelines and stormwater retention basins. What I like best about my projects is the problem solving: getting into the nuts and bolts of figuring out a design problem and solving it, whether it’s mechanical problems or layout issues—figuring out how it all fits into the space and getting it to work.

I love the fact that our office moved to Downtown San Diego. It’s only a few blocks from my home! The people I work with here are great. We work hard but we enjoy our time here as well. In fact, we just started an unofficial weekend hiking group.

Outside of work I love hiking, going to San Diego Padres and LA Kings games, and stand-up paddle boarding at the beach. You can find me snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain in the winter. I also have a brown belt in Krav Maga, a self-defense and fighting system.

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