Transit & Rail

Yucaipa Transit Station | Yucaipa, CA

City of Yucaipa


Civil Engineering

Eight Bus Bay Center with Pedestrian Plaza

The $2.7-million Yucaipa Transit Center was built as a joint project by Omnitrans and the City of Yucaipa to provide much needed public transportation.

In addition to its eight centrally-located bus stops, the center features eight shelters, benches and information kiosks in drought tolerant landscaping including a fountain and clock tower at either end. The architecture of the Transit Center was designed to tie in visually with the new City Hall.

Psomas provided design and engineering services for this eight-bus bay center with pedestrian plaza. The design assures safe bus-to-bus transfers and provides a safe and welcoming facility for riders. Dedicated “bus only” lanes were designed to segregate automobiles from buses and were constructed of Portland cement concrete to assure long life and strength to support transit vehicles.