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Westside Rainwater Park | Los Angeles, CA

City of Los Angeles


Civil Engineering

Treating Stormwater Runoff in a Community Park

This purpose-built park is constructed in a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Transmission Easement and improves the water quality of stormwater runoff entering Ballona Creek. It also provides a recreational park to the community, including a Universally Accessible Playground (UAP), which includes play equipment installed on a resilient surface.

The project includes educational and recreational benefits for the community, including a demonstration garden and a sensory garden as an extension of the dry creek, fitness equipment, jogging/walking paths, and site amenities including a drinking fountain, solar security lighting, and perimeter park fencing.

The project provides pre-treatment and treatment of pollutants of concern through filtration and a dry creek. A subsurface irrigation system uses the treated dry weather runoff to irrigate the turf areas, thus offsetting potable water demands. Excess subsurface irrigation will flow into the dry creek, which will collect runoff and return it to the existing underground stormdrain for release into the Ballona Creek.