Vail Academy and High School | Tucson, AZ

Vail School District


Civil Engineering

One of Arizona’s Most Environmentally-Friendly Schools

Vail Academy and High School is a $6-million K-12 charter school located in the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park. The campus has been designed to receive a Platinum LEED® Rating and has so far achieved a LEED Gold certification, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly schools in Arizona.

Sustainable components of the 55,000 SF school include roof drainage to cisterns, an extensive water-harvesting system to capture rain for landscape irrigation, and stormwater pollution prevention.

Psomas provided the civil engineering services including grading, roadway design, signing and striping, and private water systems as a part of a team. Site grading plans were prepared for buildings, courtyards, a multi-use athletic field and basketball court. Drainage plans and an SWPPP plan were developed, a hydrology report was prepared, and a design of detention/retention facilities was completed.