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UTA-Provo and Orem Intermodal Centers | Orem, UT

Utah Transit Authority


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Psomas designed the UTA-Provo and Orem Intermodal Centers on10-acre sites that were developed to extend both commuter rail and bus rapid transit from Salt Lake City into the Provo-Orem metropolitan area.

The project is one of approximately 160 Sustainable Sites pilot projects. The Sustainable Sites Initiative™ is an interdisciplinary effort to create voluntary national guidelines and performance benchmarks for sustainable land design, construction, and maintenance practices. The site’s sustainability features include natural stormwater retention, reduced pavement and environmentally friendly transit operations. These features are integrated with transit-oriented development (TOD) to minimize on-going maintenance and operations costs.

The scope of work included conceptual layout, coordinating with stakeholders, developing site alternatives, and construction drawings. Site utilities were designed to meet requirements of future TOD. Psomas also provided land planning, sustainable design, and landscape architecture.