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Tucson Modern Streetcar Land Use Plan | City of Tucson

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Transportation Engineering

Connecting Transportation Modes

Psomas is responsible for the transportation element of this plan, which focuses on the 1/4-mile area surrounding Tucson’s Modern Streetcar, currently being constructed. The region would like to encourage mixed-use, high-density development in the areas surrounding the streetcar route which need to be compatible and integrated with the existing historic areas.

The plan will provide analysis to prepare the properties within the study area for the appropriate land use plan, zoning, design, and integration with the streetscape. Psomas’ focus is on parking, multi-modal access to the Streetcar and other transit facilities, and connectivity to bicycle and pedestrian corridors. In addition, Psomas is responsible for evaluating the interaction between trips generated by both new and existing developments via automobiles, bicycles, walking, and transit. Recommendations will be developed to provide safe and efficient access for all modes of travel throughout the area without intrusion into the surrounding neighborhoods.