SCE Eastern Hydro Environmental Support | Inyo and Mono Counties, CA

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Environmental Compliance Support for Hydroelectric Projects

Psomas has provided permitting services for Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Eastern Hydro Division since 1998. Services include jurisdictional assessments and delineations, biological surveys, permit preparation, and GIS mapping and analysis.

Psomas’ biologists have worked with SCE to avoid and minimize impacts where possible, determine appropriate permits for specific projects, prepare and submit permit packages, and coordinate with regulatory agencies to assure timely approval.

In an effort to minimize the need for multiple permits for routine operations and maintenance activities, Psomas proposed and obtained a Long-Term Streambed Alteration Agreement (10 years) from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to cover ongoing routine maintenance activities for all of SCE’s hydroelectric projects in the Eastern Sierra. Psomas has been implementing the agreement with SCE by conducting pre-activity surveys and post-activity surveys in compliance with the permit.