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Vital Commuter Connections in the Sacramento Region

As ridership increases, Sacramento Regional Transit District continues to expand services throughout the region. Psomas has been integrally involved in SRTD light rail projects for over 15 years, including the significant Gold Line and Blue Line extensions.

Surveying and construction inspection services were provided for the Gold Line extension, a $91 million project that provided a vital link between historic downtown Folsom, Sunrise Boulevard, and downtown Sacramento. It included seven new stations along an 11-mile corridor. Psomas completed design improvements to the terminus at the Sacramento Amtrak station, which included reconfiguration of the multi-modal transfer center and parking facility.

Psomas provided design, surveying, and construction support for the Blue Line extension, a $270 million program that will extend light rail from downtown Sacramento to Meadowview Road, then to Cosumnes River College. As one of the region’s highest priority transit projects, the Blue Line will bring much-needed jobs and provide an attractive alternative transportation mode. The program will add four stations, 2,700 park-and-ride spaces, a transit center, and a parking structure.