Stormwater/ Flood Control

Rory Shaw Wetlands Park | Los Angeles County, CA

Los Angeles County


Bid Phase and Construction Phase Support


Envision™ Platinum rated

Former Landfill Brings “One Water” Concept to Life

Design is underway to transform this former 46-acre landfill into a multi-purpose stormwater management facility. The project was awarded Envision Platinum by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure because it serves a multitude of purposes: flood control, stormwater treatment, groundwater recharge, nature preserve, and active park. The highlights:

  • In order to provide relief to a community that continually floods when it rains, runoff will be captured from a 929-acre tributary area and collected in a 16-acre detention pond created by excavating the former landfill.
  • The pre-treated stormwater will be pumped through a series of wetlands to remove pollutants and then pumped to an existing groundwater recharge system to replenish the aquifer.
  • During dry summer months when there’s no runoff from the detention pond, the pumps will recycle the treated water back to the wetlands in a continuous loop.
  • The site will feature a multi-use park with restrooms, concession stand, basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, open space, trails, picnic tables, amphitheater, tot lot, fitness stations, and other amenities.

Psomas is the prime consultant responsible for the overall project design. In addition, Psomas is directing the subconsultants providing wetlands design, landscape design, building architecture, and structural design.