Stormwater/ Flood Control

Paseo de las Iglesias Linear Park Flood Control | Tucson, AZ

Pima Co. Reg'l Flood Control District


Flood Control Engineering
Ecosystem Restoration

Feasibility Study and Master Plan for Santa Cruz River

The three-part Paseo de las Iglesias project represents a major missing link in linear park connectivity throughout Pima County as well as an opportunity to preserve and protect important ecosystem elements for the benefit of the community.

The flood control elements include segments of soil cement bank protection and erosion and slope protection including along the face of Ryland Landfill.

The river park trail and recreation elements include paved multi-use and decomposed granite pathways on both banks of the Santa Cruz River with wildlife viewing areas, informational kiosks, interpretive signage, staging area with restroom, separate equestrian staging area, and extensive trail landscape and irrigation.

The ecosystem restoration includes habitat restoration for the project’s species of interest, extensive water harvesting, and native plantings. Psomas’ study included concept plans for a number of specific ecosystem restoration elements, including enhancement of the existing Mesquite Circle Pond, which is a known amphibian breeding area.