Stormwater/ Flood Control

Main Drain Stormwater Pump Station | Yolo County, CA

City of West Sacramento


Construction Management
Inspection Services

Two 144-cfs Vertical Wet Pit Pumps

The Main Drain Pump Station, part of the stormwater collection and conveyance system, ensures the levee is adequately protected and all permit requirements are satisfied. The project is located in West Sacramento at the west end of the Main Drain Canal and adjacent to the deep-water ship channel.

Psomas provided construction management and inspection services. The project included mechanical, structural, civil, architectural, electrical and instrumentation as well as site improvements and utility piping to construct the Main Drain Pump Station, consisting of two 144-cfs vertical wet pit pumps.

Extensive coordination was required with the Central Valley Flood Protection Board, California Department of Water Resources, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.