Los Rios Community College District Student Services Projects | Sacramento, CA

HMC Architects


Civil Engineering

Expanding Student Services at Sacramento Colleges

Los Rios Community College District is the second largest in the state, serving more than 75,000 students. The District has passed two consecutive bond measures over the past decade, totaling $740 million in local funding for construction projects. Psomas has participated on the design teams providing site civil engineering services for the renovation of student services facilities at both American River and Sacramento City Colleges.

Built in 1957, Sacramento City College’s existing Student Services building no longer supported the instructional and support needs of the college. This project involved the demolition of the existing building and the adjacent Administration of Justice building, replacing them with a two-story 27,000 SF structure. The new building houses student services, and the journalism and photography programs.

The renovation of the Student Services Building at American River College consisted of redesigning interior spaces and adding 5,500 SF. The improvements allow for expanded counseling, assessment, and other student services, as well as provide a better organizational flow to the building.