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Lincoln Bridge Multi-Modal Improvements | Los Angeles, CA

City of Los Angeles


Project Report
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Improving Connectivity and Accessibility

Lincoln Boulevard serves as a critical north-south connection on the Westside of the City of Los Angeles. Few other roads provide continuous access through this area, resulting in oversaturation during peak commute periods. In addition, access for pedestrians is disjointed north and south of the bridge due to the lack of sidewalks on the bridge.

Lincoln Boulevard is envisioned as a multi-modal corridor with improvements that include a median running transit, three vehicle lanes in each direction, Class II bicycle lanes, and sidewalks on both sides of the bridge.

Psomas is preparing a project report and supporting environmental documentation to widen and replace the Lincoln Boulevard Bridge over Ballona Creek. The widening will improve connectivity and accessibility to the coastal areas of the Westside for bicyclists, pedestrians, and future transit while minimizing impacts to the creek.