Kaweah Hydroelectric Power Project | Tulare County, CA

Southern California Edison


Biological Resource Surveys
Agency Consultation
Jurisdictional Delineation
Report Preparation
Clean Water Act Permits (Sections 404 NWP and 401)
State Fish and Game Code Permit (Section 1602)
Mitigation and Construction Monitoring

Permitting and Biological Services

Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Kaweah Hydroelectric Power Project is located on the western slope of the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, near the entrance to Sequoia National Park. SCE proposes to modify the existing intake structure. Biological consultation was needed because an elderberry tree (habitat for the federally-endangered Valley Longhorn Elderberry Beetle) is located within the project site.

Psomas prepared a biological report, jurisdictional delineation report, and consultation report for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Appropriate permit applications and the CEQA categorical exemption were prepared for the Central Regional Board. Multiple resource management plans were prepared, and SCE personnel were trained on environmental compliance and water quality testing to comply with the project’s permit requirements.

The project is permitted and is under construction, and Psomas is performing construction monitoring.