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Civano—Urbanist, Environmentally-Friendly Community | Tucson, AZ

Community of Civano, LLC


Civil Engineering
Traffic Engineering

Collaboration of State, Local Governments and Private Sector

The Community of Civano is an 800-acre residential and commercial development on the southeast side of Tucson. It is designed around urbanist concepts connecting residential, commercial, and live-work lifestyles to promote community, energy savings, and preservation of the area’s natural landscape and heritage.

A collaboration among state and local governments and the private sector, key elements throughout Civano are solar principles, sustainable building materials, and water conservation technologies. The goals of Civano are to connect people to each other and to their environment.

As the engineer of record, Psomas has had the opportunity to play two key roles in the development of Civano – infrastructure planner and design engineer. Psomas’ challenge was to find equitable solutions to match Civano’s visionary urbanist design concepts with the City’s standards for public safety and accessibility. As in the case of narrower streets designed to reduce traffic speeds within the community, creative solutions were demanded to meet the issues of public safety, drainage, and paving.

Psomas also prepared the Traffic Impact Analysis for the entire PAD, evaluated signal warrants, and prepared widening plans for an adjacent roadway.