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Century Park, Port of Tucson Logistics Center | Tucson, AZ

Lucky Levin Railroad


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Increasing Trade Across the U.S.—Mexico Border

The 264-acre Century Park Research Center is a rail facility that was developed to create a Southern Arizona center for warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing. Within Century Park is the Port of Tucson, a transportation and logistics center available to assist businesses in the Southwest with access to rail and intermodal container transportation options. Located near the U.S./Mexico Border, the center facilitates increased trade and business relationships between companies north and south of the border.

Psomas prepared the infrastructure for the site including the traffic engineering and site circulation, site plan, water and sewer infrastructure.

The Port is served by a two-mile siding and complemented by an additional 3,000 foot siding. The 3,000 foot siding branches to grade-level access, dock-level access, intermodal container access, and team track facilities. Century Park Center is registered as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ 174, site 2), which allows it to ship and receive product in bond.