Canyonside Park Reclaimed Booster Station | San Diego, CA

City of San Diego


Civil Engineering


ASCE – Award of Merit
AWPA – Project of the Year

Increasing the City’s Use of Reclaimed Water

Psomas designed an underground reclaimed water pump station that gave the City the flexibility to move 3 MGD of reclaimed water from the North City Water Reclamation Plant into the northern region of San Diego. In addition to boosting water supply, the $2.1-million project helped the City meet EPA’s beneficial reuse goal of 12 MGD of reclaimed water.

An evaluation of the internal pressures the pump station will exert upon the proposed pipeline was performed as well as a hydraulic analysis of the reclaimed water pipeline that extends from the new pump station to the 3 MG Black Mountain Ranch Reclaimed water reservoir.

The project also included load analysis, motor control center, pump station control and instrumentation, telemetry system, remote operation via the SCADA system, and building design.