BLM Renewable Energy Project Reviews | California

Bureau of Land Management


Civil Engineering

Solar and Wind Applications Site Review

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) receives applications from companies wanting to locate solar and wind facilities on BLM land. Psomas was retained to analyze the site engineering aspects of the applications including soil and water resources analysis for the projects’ permitting documents. Most projects are located near the Southern California desert.

These projects include:

  • Wind Energy Project: Proposed wind-powered facility designed to produce 73 MW of renewable power and 185,000 MW-hours of electricity per year. Proposed for desert lands in San Bernardino County.
  • Solar Project: Proposed to be located in Amargosa Valley and capable of producing 250 MW of power
  • Wind Energy Project:  Proposed wind-powered facility designed to generate 82.5 MW of renewable power and located in San Bernardino County. The project’s total footprint would cover about 1,576 acres of BLM-managed public land and 380 acres of private land.
  • Solar Thermal Project: Proposed 1,000 MW project that would provide enough
    electrical energy for more than 800,000 homes, cover more than 7,000 acres, and
    be visible from the moon.