Anaheim Citywide Sewer System Repair and Rehab Program | Anaheim, CA

City of Anaheim


Civil Engineering


ASCE - Project Achievement Award

Study and Design for Rehab including Trenchless Technology

The City of Anaheim selected Psomas to provide engineering services for the first phase of a program to rehabilitate their sewer system. This phase encompassed the study and design for the repair, replacement, and rehabilitation of approximately 12,800 LF of sewer pipelines.

3,000 LF was recommended for removal and replacement; 9,800 LF was selected for rehabilitation using spot repairs and trenchless technology (lining) methods.

Two recommendations by Psomas saved the City a significant amount of money and inconvenience by eliminating major construction within busy roadways. Our preliminary design studies revealed that one of the segments originally programmed for removal and replacement could be rehabilitated through a point repair and lining. Secondly, it was discovered that one of the lines scheduled for rehabilitation was also scheduled for replacement within a couple of years due to a capacity constraint; this segment was, therefore, removed from the rehabilitation project.