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TOD Planning for Integrated Future Development

The American Fork Commuter Rail Station needed a number of issues addressed in order to maximize the area’s long-term potential as a vibrant area with a mix of uses and a defined sense of place. Utah Transit Authority, American Fork City, and Mountainland Association of Governments consulted with Psomas to create a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Plan to address these issues.

Workshops were held and input was gathered from the community and various stakeholders including the city council and planning commission to collaborate on appropriate densities, uses, and design considerations. Using this input, a plan that details multi-modal access to the area, connectivity within the area, and zoning and design standards was developed. Street, sidewalk, and bicycle infrastructure design and layouts were created to promote a more walkable environment.

Psomas also addressed zoning concepts including zoning code recommendations as well as an overview of current market conditions and long-term phasing. This area has complex access and connectivity issues with both the I-15 freeway and train tracks creating significant obstacles and roadways that are inadequate for non-agricultural development. The plan addresses access issues, planned improvements, recommendations for improvements, and costs.