Maira Salcedo

Maira Salcedo hiking

Featured Employee: Maira Salcedo

Project Manager
Santa Ana Office

It’s something of a fluke how I ended up at Psomas. While at Cal State Fullerton, I attended the Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists international conference in Phoenix. On the bus ride there I sat next to a Psomas intern, who ended up referring me when her spot became available.

I’ve been at Psomas for 10 years now, working on water/wastewater projects. What I love about my job is that it gives me the opportunity to keep learning and working on new and different projects. Each one is unique and challenging in its own way— like selecting a pump capable of meeting the system demands. I keep getting more and more responsibilities, which supports my desire to develop my skills and move up in the company.

My colleagues at Psomas are an easy-going group and I’ve built some strong relationships here. There’s a group of us that gets together on a regular basis for a variety of fun activities like happy hour, the Long Beach Beer and Taco 5K Run, hiking, etc.

In my free time I love going to boot camp; it really motivates me to get out and exercise. I go with two of my coworkers at 5:30 in the morning!

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