Lyndi Garwood

Featured Employee: Lyndi Garwood

Land Use Entitlements Team
Los Angeles, CA

I’ve always loved cities. I earned my degree in architecture at the University of Texas, Austin, but I wanted to be a part of the larger discussion of the urban environment and how to use it to make people’s lives better. So I came to Los Angeles to get my Master’s Degree in Urban Planning at USC.

After working at a small firm for a few years, I joined Psomas to work on larger projects that would have more impact within the community. Now I help entitle and plan for projects that are unique and diverse, everything from the NBC Universal campus design to mixed-use high rises and large-scale subdivisions.

Psomas is a great place to work, and I’m lucky to work under an amazing leadership team that makes me feel  they are truly invested in me. I get a seat at the table and the opportunity to participate in discussions on strategic planning and growth.

Having grown up on a farm in Texas, I have a passion for food and food sustainability.  I’m an avid baker and love taking part in the LA food scene— there are so many yummy things to discover, but I still miss my Tex-Mex.

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