Leah Isidro

Featured Employee: Leah Isidro

Project Engineer
Valencia Office

I’d been working in New Zealand for several years when a colleague of mine who was at Psomas encouraged me to come to the U.S. and interview with the firm. I started at Psomas in 2006, and the transition from New Zealand to the U.S. was easy. Santa Clarita has a lifestyle very similar to Auckland. There are people in the streets walking, jogging, biking, and enjoying the outdoors. And my kids love it here.

As a project engineer, I work on mixed-use commercial/residential/retail projects in Los Angeles and up in Northern California as well. I have to admit that it was a challenge when I first started working here to remind myself to think in “English” and do the conversion from metric to the English measurement system when designing.

I find my job really exciting. I love the fact that I can concoct something in my mind and then see it get built. It never gets boring. Every project is unique with its own challenges, and I don’t have to wait years to see what I designed come to fruition. I work on a couple of projects for a few months and then move on to the next exciting challenge!


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