Jose Aguilar


Featured Employee: Jose Aguilar

Civil Engineering Designer | Licensed Drone Pilot
Tucson Office

I’ve always been fascinated by structures and buildings, and I loved math growing up, so civil engineering was the obvious path for me. Five years ago, while I was pursuing my degree in civil engineering at the University of Arizona, I joined Psomas’ transportation team as an intern and now I am a professional engineer.

My focus is roadway projects. One of the best projects I’ve worked on is the Ina Traffic Interchange. It’s a cool project, mainly because it’s one of the biggest we’ve had here and includes a bridge and a highway intersection. Every roadway is unique in terms of its challenges, whether it’s drainage issues or geometric layout problems. That’s what keeps you on your toes, you can’t apply the same solution to every roadway project. A unique part of my job is that I’m also one of Psomas’ licensed drone pilots. We’re using drones for traffic studies and to keep track of construction progress.

It’s not all work and no play here. We have a lot of fun, like when we had our own Olympic Games in the hallways of our office during the 2018 Winter Olympics. I’m also part of the mountain bikers group here in the Tucson office.

On weekends l love hiking (just did Havasu Falls), mountain biking, droning, camping, running, playing soccer, and getting some adrenaline rush through things like skydiving or water hoverboarding.

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