James Nicolau IV

James Nicolau IVFeatured Employee: James Nicolau IV

Project Manager
San Diego, CA

As a project manager in our survey team in the San Diego office, I do a little bit of everything. I love the variety of the work: one day I could be writing proposals and the next day out in the field scanning UC San Diego’s athletic fields. A lot of companies don’t provide you with this kind of diversity in your work and you can get pigeonholed.

I decided to join Psomas about 10 months ago because of its emphasis on technology, like laser scanning and 3D modeling. The company’s recent purchase of the mobile mapping system is an excellent example of this. Also, I like the types of large-scale survey projects that Psomas works on. Our main client right now is a large energy company and we’re working on a huge pipeline improvement project throughout California. The work is fast paced and demanding, which I love.

We’re a relatively new team and we all get along really well. I got to hand pick our group and most of us have worked together for years on different projects. And we get a lot of support from the senior management—they let us choose the projects we’re passionate about and go after them.

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