Psomas Survey Crews Respond to I-10 Bridge Collapse

Psomas survey crew at I-10 bridge collapse.

Psomas survey crew at I-10 bridge collapse.

Flash flooding along Interstate 10 on Sunday July 19 caused a bridge to collapse, closing the vital California artery linking Los Angeles and Phoenix in both directions for several days.

Psomas was retained by Caltrans District 8 to provide topographic field surveys in support of the bridge repair effort and monitoring the westbound bridge that is still standing. A surge of stormwater rushing down a gully carved away the soil under concrete bridge supports, causing the eastbound span to buckle into the gully. The flooding also severely eroded the supports on the westbound bridge.

The damaged bridges crossed gullies that became swollen with rain when an unusually strong summer storm dumped up to seven inches in the area near Desert Center, about 50 miles west of the California/ Arizona border.

It wasn’t just this bridge that suffered either. A lot of people suffered damage to their property as the stormy weather passed through. If you notice any damage to your property then be sure to call professionals like the Ace Roofing Company in order to get it fixed before it becomes a bigger, more expensive issue. There was also an increase in reported auto-accidents due to the decreased driving conditions.

I-10 at Tex Wash Bridge opened to traffic on July 24, just five days after the collapse. In announcing the opening, Interim Caltrans District 8 Director John Bulinski said, “I am proud of Caltrans and Granite Construction staff working together to repair and reopen I-10 in less than five days after a storm damage event of this magnitude.”


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