Hugo Camberos

Hugo CamberosFeatured Employee: Hugo Camberos

Civil Engineering Designer
Los Angeles, CA

Growing up in Fresno, California, I was very artistic, always drawing and interested in design. I also grew up watching my dad volunteering in the community and that had a strong impact on me. So I knew I wanted to go into a profession that would meet my design interests and at the same time help the public. I went to Cal Poly Pomona and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in civil engineering.

I’ve been with Psomas almost two years now. The kinds of projects that I work on are all roadway projects, working for public agencies in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. I enjoy the challenges behind engineering, along with the creative aspects. There are so many factors to take into account and it keeps me on my toes. There is always something different every day.

I love that at Psomas I’m given the freedom to pursue my interests. For example, I’m very involved with ASCE. Right now I’m working on events and presentations for Engineering Week to get young people interested in our profession. In addition, I’m helping students learn through competitions to build Popsicle stick bridges as well as coordinating an ASCE conference for next year. I enjoy giving back to the community like my dad. I guess I’ve come full circle.

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