Angela Wagnon

Angela Wagnon
Party Chief
Survey Group
Riverside Office

I’ve been in the survey field for 15 years, the last two and a half at Psomas. You’ll find me anywhere from San Diego to Los Angeles or Barstow to Joshua Tree working on projects like freeways, gas lines and solar plants.

As a surveyor I’m involved in a project from beginning to end, and that’s so gratifying for me. I get to start on a project at the design stage and then see it through to completion. When I’m on a job it’s a constant thinking process throughout the day. It’s like a puzzle and I love puzzles.

My days are never boring. I get to see a lot of different places and work on so many different things. An added bonus is that I get to work outside and am constantly on the go: walking, hiking, hammering—I’m moving all day long. My work is my gym!


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