Amber Heredia

My passion is contributing to the recovery of endangered species.

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Michael Mulgrew

What I love about Psomas that it’s a very relaxed working environment, but we’re all working together to get the job done.

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Sherri Berexa

What I like about construction management is that it’s a fast-paced field—every day is different, and I see lots of progress on a daily basis. Not to mention the opportunity to be outdoors!

Rob Jacobson

I wound up in the survey profession 24 years ago when my buddy’s dad who was a surveyor said they needed someone extra in the field. The rest is history.

Daria Sarraf

What I love about working at Psomas is that this company really looks at your potential, your skillset, and your passions to support you in becoming a valuable addition to the team. Also, I work with a lot of strong, smart women, who are inspirational role models for my career.

Jeremy Johnson

I decided to go into civil engineering because, at the end of the day, I wanted the satisfaction of designing projects that were tangible and a benefit to the community that I live in.

Maira Salcedo

Featured Employee: Maira Salcedo Project Manager Engineering Santa Ana, CA It’s something of a fluke how I ended up at Psomas. While at Cal State Fullerton, I attended the Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists international conference in Phoenix.

Chris Hupp

Featured Employee: Chris Hupp Land Planner and Urban Designer Engineering Salt Lake City From the time I was seven years old I wanted to be a landscape architect. In time, I broadened my focus and went to the University of

Kevin Vu

Featured Employee: Kevin Vu Survey Technician Southern CA Survey Santa Ana, CA I was inspired to get my degree in civil engineering from Cal State Long Beach by my aunt who was a civil engineer. I was always good at

Paco Villavicencio

Featured Employee: Paco Villavicencio Civil Engineering Designer Engineering Group Los Angeles, CA I graduated from UC Irvine with a BS in civil engineering right in the midst of the Great Recession. The job market was not great so I joined

Paul Gervacio

Featured Employee: Paul Gervacio Project Manager Engineering Group Roseville, CA It was my grandfather, a bridge engineer during WWII, who inspired me to pursue a career in civil engineering. Fast-forward to today and I’ve been with Psomas for 12 years,

Cristhian Mace

Cristhian Mace Biologist Environmental Group Pasadena I have had a lifelong passion for the outdoors—for nature and all its inhabitants. I’m passionate about animals; in fact my first word was “fish.” Following my passion, I went to Cal State Long

Sean Samsel

Sean Samsel Project Manager Transportation Group Tucson Right after graduating from the University of Arizona with my Bachelors Degree in civil engineering I joined Psomas. That was 12 years ago, time sure does fly by. My team mainly works on

Jesus Ulloa

Featured Employee: Jesus Ulloa | Surveyor II, Survey Group, Riverside

Clint Rosser

Clint Rosser Civil Engineering Designer Engineering Group Los Angeles Funny story about how I ended up at Psomas. I got my degree in environmental engineering from UC San Diego. Tim Psomas and his wife happened to be in the audience

William Estepa

Meet William Estepa, Project Manager, Survey and Mapping Group in Orange County, CA

Regina Beem

Meet Regina Beem, Project Manager, Engineering Group in Tucson, AZ

Tom Pilarski

Meet Tom Pilarski, Project Manager, Survey Group in Santa Clarita, CA

Sarah Thomas

Meet Sarah Thomas, Biologist, Environmental Group in Pasadena, CA

Greg Haws

Meet Greg Haws, Senior Project Manager/Planner, Engineering Group in Salt Lake City, UT

Tim Grossmann

Featured Employee: Tim Grossmann, ENV SP | Assistant Resident Engineer, Construction Management Group, Roseville

Darlene Danehy

Meet Darlene Danehy, Project Engineer, Traffic Group in Tucson, AZ.

Doug Fredericks

Doug Fredericks Leader, Structural Design Team Roseville I’m excited to be the new leader of the Structural Design Team. While I’ve only been with Psomas for a couple of months, it seems like it’s been longer because the transition was a very

Leah Isidro

Leah Isidro Project Engineer Engineering Santa Clarita I’d been working in New Zealand for several years when a colleague of mine who was at Psomas encouraged me to come to the U.S. and interview with the firm. I started at

Ion Cretu

Ion Cretu Assistant Project Manager Engineering Los Angeles Office I emigrated to the U.S. from Romania 16 years ago, and I’ve been at Psomas for seven years. Coming from a small LA firm, I was looking for a bigger company where

Chris Estep

Chris Estep Construction Inspector Construction Management Roseville Office I’ve been with Psomas four years and have been on active military duty during that time. As a Senior Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, the second highest enlisted rank, I

Angela Wagnon

Angela Wagnon Party Chief Survey Group Riverside Office I’ve been in the survey field for 15 years, the last two and a half at Psomas. You’ll find me anywhere from San Diego to Los Angeles or Barstow to Joshua Tree working

Molly Peters

Molly Peters Biologist Environmental Pasadena Office I’m part of the BonTerra team that merged with Psomas last year. My love of biology started in college. After getting my undergrad and Masters degrees at Cal Poly Pomona I joined BonTerra. I

Alan Regal

Alan Regal, PE Project Engineer Engineering Salt Lake City Office I’m a native of Salt Lake, so while I was in college back at Purdue I interned at Psomas for two summers. I went to work for another company for

Sergei Builoff

Sergei Builoff, PLS Project Surveyor Surveying and Mapping Los Angeles Office I oversee project implementation to make sure our survey jobs are on time and on budget. Another big part of what I do is integrating new technologies into the


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