Alan Regal

FeatEmpl_ARegal_Feb2014-chicagoFeatured Employee: Alan Regal, PE

Project Engineer
Salt Lake City Office

I’m a native of Salt Lake, so while I was in college back at Purdue I interned at Psomas for two summers. I went to work for another company for a little while but came back to Psomas because I like the culture. I learn more here, get the chance to work on bigger and better projects, and I get more contact with the client than I would in most other companies. We are all treated like professionals and my superiors help me grow in my job.

I spend most of my time working on commercial and retail projects and there is something new every day, new challenges in front of me. I love seeing the final product of a project I’ve been working on and knowing I was a part of it from beginning to end!

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