Adam Foster

Adam Foster, PLSFeatured Employee: Adam Foster

Project Manager and Field Supervisor
Roseville Office

I’ve been at Psomas for 14 years. In fact, it was my first job out of college. I picked Psomas because I admired the firm’s reputation as a great place to work.

I wear a couple of hats here. As a project manager I do it all, from writing proposals to working with clients. As a field supervisor, I manage field crews in Northern California, handling all their needs. I love the challenges and the variety of work opportunities available to me. I can’t imagine being pigeonholed and only doing one part of survey.

But it’s not all work. The most fun part is the extra little things like spontaneous get-togethers; for instance I got pulled in at the last minute to judge a zucchini bread cook-off. I like the unexpected, like miniature golf in the hallway.



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