Ports / Goods Movement

Improving Efficiency

Efficiencies are critical at the point where goods change from one mode of transportation to another. Experts across Psomas focus on enhancing the process of goods movement through ports, airports, logistics centers, rail terminals, and ports of entry.

Our extensive project resume includes designing a master plan for rail terminals, improving port and airport facilities to add capacity, setting up logistics centers to improve efficiency of transfer, and setting up inspection stations and weigh stations at ports of entry.


Andrew Nickerson

Andrew A. Nickerson, PE, QSD, ENV SP
Vice President/Principal

Select Ports / Goods Movement Projects


  • Circulation Analysis
  • Modal Connectivity
  • Planning Studies
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Site Civil Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Water Engineering
  • Structural Design
  • Surveying & Mapping
  • Construction Management
  • GIS – Custom Applications