When it Comes to the Environment, Everything is Connected

By Blake Murillo, PE, ENV SP, LEED AP BD+C

On November 20th, Psomas will be honored by Breathe LA with its Breath of Life Award for our commitment to clean air.

As is true with a number of engineering firms in this day and age, we have long had a commitment to sustainable engineering— our company motto is “Balancing the Natural and Built Environment.” At first glance, however, it may not seem like we have a particular specialty in clean air projects.

When it comes to the environment, however, everything is connected. A sampling of the types of projects that we work on demonstrates this:

  • Mobility projects that enhance the movement of goods and traffic in an efficient manner by their very nature reduce greenhouse gasses and improve air quality. Transit-oriented developments reduce dependence on cars for commuting to work. Freeway improvement projects reduce idle times, resulting in cars sending fewer fumes into the air.
  • Conservation projects reduce water use, which in turn reduce the need for energy to pump, transport or clean water.
  • Multi-benefit stormwater projects clean stormwater via wetland treatment systems before it enters the storm drain network and flows into the ocean. These projects reduce energy use by recharging the groundwater, thereby reducing the need to import water. Wetland projects also add green space in urban communities that contribute to improved local air quality.
  • Renewable energy projects reduce the need for fossil fuels.

At the end of the day, we expect every project we undertake to have a positive impact on the environment, and the best ones will serve to improve it in multiple ways.

Blake Murillo, PE, ENV SP, LEED AP BD+C, is the COB of Psomas.


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