Doug Fredericks

Featured Employee: Doug Fredericks

Leader Structural Design Team
Roseville Office

I’m excited to be the new leader of the Structural Design Team. While I’ve only been with Psomas for a couple of months, it seems like it’s been longer because the transition was a very comfortable and natural one since I already knew a number of people here.

Coming from a family of contractors, builders and developers, I grew up with engineering in my blood. I’ve always had the builder mentality. Combine that with my interest in physics and math in high school, and the engineering profession seemed like a natural fit.

Over the 25 years that I’ve worked in this field I’ve been lucky to work on fascinating projects all across the country. From the Benicia-Martinez Bridge on I-680 in Northern California, a huge replacement project costing hundreds of millions of dollars, to smaller projects like the Folsom Historic Truss Bridge, where we actually relocated a bridge built in the 1800s.

What I love about structural engineering is seeing things get built. It’s gratifying to put design plans together and quickly see the results.


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