Darlene Danehy

Featured Employee: Darlene Danehy

Project Engineer 
Tucson Office

I joined Psomas over eight years ago after getting a Masters Degree from Cornell University in civil engineering, with an emphasis in transportation systems.

My time is spent preparing studies for private development and public jurisdictions to help reduce congestion, improve safety, and provide facilities for alternate modes of transportation like bike and pedestrian pathways. I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing a project I’ve worked on get built and improve someone’s commute by making it faster and/or safer.

From what I hear from my colleagues in other companies, Psomas is different in its emphasis on work/life balance. For instance, they were very understanding about my desire to accept a scholarship to play junior college basketball. My bosses understood that it was important to me and that I also wanted to continue working in my chosen field. I was able to work more flexible hours while going to school.

Then there’s the family atmosphere here. There are a lot of opportunities to get to know each other outside of work, like our indoor soccer team. Knowing your fellow employees on a personal level builds team strength and creates an enjoyable work environment.


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