Cristhian Mace

Cristhian Mace in front of helicopterFeatured Employee: Cristhian Mace

Pasadena Office

I have had a lifelong passion for the outdoors—for nature and all its inhabitants. I’m passionate about animals; in fact my first word was “fish.”

Following my passion, I went to Cal State Long Beach and got my Bachelor of Science Degree in marine biology and Masters in behavioral ecology and conservation. During college I volunteered at the San Pedro Marine Mammal Center and the Long Beach Aquarium. At this point my focus changed to birds and now I’m an ornithologist.

I’ve been with Psomas for five years and for most of that time worked on the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project, a massive Southern California Edison project to replace hundreds of miles of transmission lines. I got to work every day in the Angeles National Forest conducing nesting bird surveys. I was helicoptered to remotes sites and hiked 10 miles in to survey bird’s nests. I hiked in with only a satellite phone, GPS tracker, walkie talkie, and a backpack with food and water. It was paradise.

In addition to nesting bird surveys, I work on construction monitoring jobs, tree surveys and restoration projects. I’m 100% field oriented — I get the privilege of hiking in the outdoors every single day, rain or shine. For someone like me this is a dream job.

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