Clint Rosser

Clint RosserFeatured Employee: Clint Rosser

Civil Engineering Designer
Los Angeles Office

Funny story about how I ended up at Psomas. I got my degree in environmental engineering from UC San Diego. Tim Psomas and his wife happened to be in the audience at my graduation ceremony to watch his grandson graduate. I went on stage to receive an award for the highest GPA in the environmental engineering program. As I understand it, Tim’s wife turned to him and said, “you should hire that kid.” I guess the rest is history.

In any given month I can be working on 10 to 12 projects across the Los Angeles region. It’s a broad range of projects centering on grading and wet utility design. The variety is great: hotels, large residential complexes, and even a cemetery. I never get bored. I’ve only been with Psomas for a little over a year and I appreciate the fact that everyone above me is very helpful. I never feel dumb if I ask a question.

And I have to say it’s really great being in downtown. I’ve lived in Los Angeles my whole life and I never went downtown before. It’s so cool.

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