Chris Hupp

Chris Hupp

Featured Employee:
Chris Hupp

Land Planner and Urban Designer
Salt Lake City Office

From the time I was seven years old I wanted to be a landscape architect. In time, I broadened my focus and went to the University of Utah to get my Bachelor of Science degree in urban ecology (I’m now in the process of getting my Masters Degree in sustainable transportation from the University of Washington).

After spending several years in marketing, I decided to finally transition over to the urban design field and Psomas was the perfect fit. I think the culture at Psomas is what really sets it apart. The level of care and involvement in its projects and its people is unparalleled.

I love to design projects that create better communities. I work on projects ranging from commercial and mixed-use to residential and civic uses. The working environment here is what I like best, because it’s uplifting and there is always some new puzzle to solve. I’m passionate about what I do.

In my free time, my wife and I love biking, hiking, camping, and playing sports. Studying the Russian language and culture is one of my favorite hobbies though. I did a two-year humanitarian service mission in Ukraine, where I became fluent in the language.

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