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Sustainable Features and Innovative Solutions

Psomas staff, Anne Williams and Mike Crehan, talk about sustainable aspects of this high-profile LA project in Civil Engineering magazine.

Thinking Outside the Box to Become a Transit-Oriented Multifamily Developer

Former Psomas president Jacob Lipa talks about the decision to create Psomas subsidiary Micropolitan.

Promoting Active Transportation

Steven Frieson discusses California’s Active Transportation Program.

The Importance of Bridge Preventive Maintenance Plans Bridge Preventive Maintenance Plans

A Bridge Preventive Maintenance Plan extends the life of bridges and qualifying culverts. By Douglas Fredericks, PE

Psomas Survey Crews Respond to I-10 Bridge Collapse

Psomas is providing topographic field surveys in support of the repair effort in Desert Center.

Improving Agency Efficiency Using GIS

Opportunities and Challenges: Approaching GIS as an enterprise solution can provide significant operational improvements.

Former Landfill Becomes Wetland

Michael Pollard explains how the Rory Shaw Wetland Park brings the three pillars of sustainability concept to life.

Model for Urban Stormwater Treatment South Los Angeles Wetlands Park

The South Los Angeles Wetland Park sets the standard for achievement in sustainability. Article in civil + structural ENGINEER magazine.

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