Amanda Harris

Amanda Harris lifting weights

Featured Employee: Amanda Harris

Assistant Project Manager
Salt Lake City Office


I’ve been working in land development engineering since 2006 and with Psomas close to four years now. I was recruited while getting my Masters Degree at the University of Utah by one of my teachers, a project manager at Psomas.

My work on dense urban infill transit-oriented projects is fast paced and complex. Right now I’m working on a multi-family residential/office project that takes up an entire city block in downtown Salt Lake and the redevelopment of a commercial shopping center in Provo into mixed-use residential, retail, and office. It’s fulfilling to work with the architectural team to help them realize their vision and figure out the best way to give clients what they want.

In my free time I’m a novice rock climber, but my main focus is Olympic lifting. I work out almost every day and three days a week with a coach. This might seem like an unusual hobby for a woman, but most of the people in my Olympic lifting classes are women!

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