Subsurface Utility Detection

Subsurface utility detection utilizes ground penetrating radar, electro-magnetic locating, CCTV cameras, and other related technology and equipment to determine the existence and location of underground utilities.


Safety First: Utility strikes are minimized to ensure public safety.

Minimize Unknowns: Problems caused by inaccurate utility records, abandoned or unrecorded facilities, and lost references are significantly decreased.

Avoid Design Conflicts: Better decisions can be made regarding design features such as placement of underground utility systems, footers, and foundations, while successfully avoiding conflicts with existing utilities.

Cost Savings: Studies have shown that using detection during design and construction can reduce utility relocations, producing significant cost savings over the project lifecycle.

Wide Variety of Projects: Applicable to a wide variety of projects types, subsurface utility detection can be used on pipelines; site development; facilities renovation; and asset location, condition and management.

Subsurface Utility Detection Equipment

Subsurface Equipment
Subsurface Equipment

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Dennis Mead
Project Manager

•  Subsurface Utility Engineering & Detection