Commercial drones, or small, unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), are creating significant benefits to many professions, including civil engineering, surveying, environmental monitoring, and construction management.
Drones flying


  • Rapid Response: Small aerial drones can be deployed for rapid response to obtain photos and video of project conditions.
  • Safety: The ability to safely access remote or dangerous locations can provide otherwise unobtainable views.
  • 3D Models: Highly-overlapped stereo images can be compiled into detailed 3D models, which can then be developed into fly-through animations and visualization exhibits.
  • Real-Time Activities: Aerial videos clearly demonstrate real-time site activities such as traffic flow patterns under changing conditions.

Select Drone Projects

Santa Cruz River Drone Surveys
Pima County, AZ

Riverbed Maintenance and Restoration using Drones The Pima County Regional Flood Control District is committed to riverbed maintenance and restoration for the Santa Cruz River. During the latest debris removal effort, the county had to recompact the river bed, causing

Mt. San Antonio College Parking and Circulation Master Plan
Walnut, CA

Drone data used for a Campus Parking and Circulation Study of Mt. San Antonio College.

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Lee Whiteley, PLS
Corporate Director of Survey & Mapping

• Site Inspections and Monitoring
• Construction Progress Imagery
• Traffic Operations Studies
• Digital Orthophotography
• Topographic Mapping and 3d Modeling
• Fly-through Visualizations
• Grading Quantity Surveys
• Promotional Video Production
• Emergency Response Condition Assessment
• Hazardous Locations
• Parking Studies