360-Degree Cameras

Advances in imaging technology in particular are specifically useful for civil engineers. One such technology that Psomas is using is 360-degree cameras.


Larger Perspective: A 360-degree camera literally captures a much larger perspective to document everything that you are seeing: vertically, horizontally, in front, and behind. This eliminates much of the field time traditionally associated with data collection.

Greater Flexibility: Back In the office staff can pan around the image as if standing in the field. This gives more flexibility—the view is not limited to one direction, but rather an infinite number of view angles.

Easy to Understand: The image recorded is highly versatile and easy to understand. 360-degree cameras use simple software so anyone can virtually walk through the project site.

Customizable: Each person can customize their view to focus on their specific needs.

Use Chrome to view 360-degree videos below.

Resolution has been reduced to ease the downloading time for easier viewing.

A new 450-acre development is planned in the City of Santa Paula. The main entrance, at the intersection of Hallock Drive and State Route 126, is inadequate to support the increase in traffic and thus needs improvements. Psomas is providing the PEER report and PS&E for the widening and improved traffic signalization at this intersection.


Yosemite Avenue is a busy arterial road in downtown Manteca whose pavement is in poor condition with signs of surface cracking and pavement depressions. Consisting of two and four lane segments between Main Street and Cottage Drive, the project involves resurfacing and/or reconstruction including lane restriping, installation of new traffic loops, road striping, and ADA sidewalk improvements.

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Paul Gervacio
Paul Gervacio, PE, ENV SP
Project Manager

• Documentation of Field Conditions
• Utility investigation
• Documentation of Field Survey Work
• Site Inspections and Monitoring
• Construction Progress Imagery
• Emergency Response Condition Assessment
• Hazardous Locations
• Parking Studies
• Public Outreach Display
• Bridge Inspection Aid