Dramatic Advances Transforming The Industry

Dramatic advances in technology have transformed our industry.  Psomas is at the forefront of these advances, using 3D Laser Scanning, Drones, and 360 Degree Cameras to meet our clients’ needs.

Drones in the sky

Drones – sUAS

Significant improvements in drone technology are creating a variety of opportunities for civil engineers and land surveyors. Psomas is finding drones to be extraordinarily useful for parking studies, traffic monitoring and as a means of verifying field conditions, among other projects.

3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning provides clients with a wealth of data at a significant cost savings. Psomas is at the forefront of this survey technology, providing fast 3D data collection with high accuracy and high resolution for a wide range of applications.

360 camera_Icon

360-Degree Cameras

Advances in imaging technology in particular are specifically useful for civil engineers. One such technology that Psomas is using is 360-degree cameras, which literally captures a much larger perspective to document everything observed in the field.

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