Dramatic Advances Transforming The Industry

Dramatic advances in technology have transformed our industry. This technological explosion has produced some very real advantages: creative solutions for clients, a higher-quality work product, increased productivity, and a wider variety of services. Psomas is at the forefront of these advances including 3D Laser Scanning, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Geographic Information Services (GIS).


Building Information Modeling (BIM) civil and survey services provide innovative solutions to our clients. Our experts in 3D design apply BIM to civil site plans to create a highly accurate virtual 3D site model. This process combines building layers, site improvements, underground utilities and existing conditions into one comprehensive model produced to an engineering design degree of accuracy.

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Our goal is to enhance your operations through effective deployment of spatial technology. We create sustainable GIS solutions based on business needs that deliver measurable value to our clients’ bottom line. Psomas brings advanced-technology solutions and expert knowledge of our clients’ business, supported by our engineering and survey specialists.

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