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Santa Anita Oak Woodland | Los Angeles County, CA

County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works


Habitat Mitigation Planning and Implementation
Mitigation Performance Monitoring and Documentation
Biological Surveys
Invasive Species Management
Native Plant and Seed Species Collection and Propagation
Agency Coordination and Compliance
Community Outreach and Education


ACEC - Merit Award

ASCE - Outstanding Environmental Project

Hundreds of Years of Ecology Now

The Oak Woodland Habitat Revegetation/Mitigation Program, which Psomas prepared and is implementing, is transforming a lifeless sediment placement site into a valuable wildlife habitat.

More than 100 species of native plants and seeds for oaks, ferns, shrubs, succulents, wildflowers, and grasses were collected and propagated in the local sub-watershed and now occur on the 8-acre site. Hundreds of acorns were planted and are growing into healthy oak saplings, and new plants are being collected and introduced to the site each year.

The habitat creation program included the salvage and placement of tons of boulders, as well as coarse woody debris and natural ‘snags’ that would not occur naturally for many generations. A diversity of amphibians, birds, reptiles, mammals, butterflies, and bees and other beneficial insects have colonized the planting area, and acorn woodpeckers are nesting in cavities in the natural snags.

The mitigation site already meets several final performance criteria for the seven to ten year maintenance program required by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife less than one year after installation.